A b o u t   t h e   P r o g r a m


[11-Feb-2009]  We are considering how we might expand the availability of SDM to other institutions.  The registered copyright owner and original developer is National Jewish Health.   The current collaboration is a part of the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute.

While we hope to offer non-expiring, non-transferrable licenses to SDM for no charge, it is a complex product and requires support while learning how to use it.  To avoid our having to charge anyone for such support, we would like potential partners to have certain characteristics that would make support easier:

  • A desire to have a customizable clinical data management system that encourages standardization of data definitions
  • Familiarity with ColdFusion and SQL Server
  • Willingness to learn basic code control techniques using Subversion
  • Interest in improving SDM, and agreement to share improvements with all other partners, assigning copyright to National Jewish Health.
  • Willingness to support other partners in a collective effort

If you are interested in such a partnership, please contact Ted Wade or Jeff Magouirk.  Do likewise if you have other thoughts about how a successful partnership might be constructed.

Task Management

[11-Feb-2009]  Development is currently done by people at National Jewish and the University of Colorado.   We coordinate development work by using a customized version of the FlySpray task manager.   All problem reports and requests for features are added to this task manager, and given an estimated difficulty and priority rating.  Priorities are adjusted based on group discussion.  Discussion summaries, design documents, etc are kept with the task in the task manager.

See the Task Manager for an overview of current issues and plans.

Developed by: Nationa Jewish Health; Presented by Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute